Our Advantage

Since inception, Marlowe has committed to upholding a set of founding principles, which enhances our ability to optimize our strategy and competitive advantage. We believe that adhering to these values not only help us succeed, but also benefit our Partners as well.

Marlowe holds integrity above ability or short-term goals; following the highest ethical and compliance standards are key to our success.

Our focus is on our Partners. Our strategy, attitude, and communication starts with protecting and prioritizing them. Committing to open dialogue strengthens the level of trust our Partners have in us, and it remains the driving force behind Marlowe.

Employing a team from various backgrounds gives us a unique perspective. Our commitment to inclusion is essential to our firm’s foundation.¬†We seek diverse viewpoints and strong corporate governance within our investments.

We believe investing is the application of the deep knowledge and know-how we develop in companies. We focus on deeply understanding the fundamentals of businesses and invest in circumstances in which we are certain of our advantage.

We are contrarian by psychology and technique, which means we are patient in moments of exuberance and nimble in moments of uncertainty. We are intentional in staying away from the consensus noise of Wall Street.

Our Competitive Advantage

Concentrated approach that focuses our time and increases our research evidence and risk management

A codified and repeatable investment process that maintains our underwriting standards over market cycles

Broad mandate that allows movement across industries, capital structures, and geographies to find attractive risk-adjusted returns

Nimble fund size to invest in sections of the market where larger skilled competitors would be constrained

Long-term oriented investors that often have multi-year investment holding periods

Transparent dialogue with our Partners given our structure and strategy to build and sustain trust

Key Themes

Marlowe’s long-term outperformance requires a differentiated portfolio.
Some industries we’ve invested in include:


Investment Themes infographic